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Aqua Adventures @The Land Of Illusion


Spring and Summer are famous for a few things, chief amongst them are Waterparks, Swimming Pools, Bounce Houses & depending on your location, swimming in the local watering hole (meaning pond).  Well while visiting Middletown, Ohio we discovered a place you HAVE to visit, where it's possible to enjoy all of the above activities without leaving the grounds! 

 The Mystery Of The Land Of Illusion 

 Land Of Illusion 

Land Of Illusion is a year round entertainment complex home to 6 Award Winning Halloween Haunts - including a mile long Haunted Trail & Zombie Sniper Patrol (where you ride on an Army truck and shoot paintballs at Zombies giving chase), a drive-thru Christmas Light Wonderland with Santa's Village, an outdoor concert venue and the reason why we visited, Aqua Adventures.

 Aqua Adventures