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The Land Of Illusion

Spring and Summer are famous for a few things, chief amongst them are Waterparks, Swimming Pools, Bounce Houses & depending on your location, swimming in the local watering hole (meaning pond).  Well while visiting Middletown, Ohio we discovered a place you HAVE to visit, where it's possible to enjoy all of the above activities without leaving the grounds! 

Land Of Illusion is a year round entertainment complex home to 6 Award Winning Halloween Haunts - including a mile long Haunted Trail & Zombie Sniper Patrol (where you ride on an Army truck and shoot paintballs at Zombies giving chase), a drive-thru Christmas Light Wonderland with Santa's Village, an outdoor concert venue and the reason why we visited, Aqua Adventures.

Located midway between Dayton & Cincinnati, Ohio and about 1.5 hours from Columbus, Aqua Adventures is a whole new way to do Summer!  If you've seen the TV show "Wipeout", the moment you fall off one of the obstacles, you'll immediately feel like a contestant.

We visited twice in 7 days (yes, we had that much fun), and after the first trip we told everyone how cool and different this place is. Upon on our return trip, we ended up bringing a few extra people along for the ride (or slide), and by a few I mean like 10!

Listen, there's really no reason for me to provide a long winded response about our trip, THIS WAS THE MOST FUN WE'VE HAD IN A LONG TIME! At first I didn't make it out on the course as the kids were playing while I was doing my best Olan Mills impression and making sure I got footage of everyone.  Then I zoomed in and noticed Charisse & my sister were out cutting up (translation: Having fun), and I could no longer sit idly by.

You swim out to the starting point about 40 feet off shore and climb up onto the structure where you then can chose to go one of two ways.  I can't say which is easier because I fell off both directions to everyone's amusement.

The kids did great and seemed to zoom over most obstacles, including the "Slippery Bridge".  Making it to the top is just half of the battle, as once you crest the hill and start to celebrate, you remember your feet are coated with water.  When mixed with gravity this becomes a bad combination as it will guarantee you an express trip into the lake!

At the end of either path you'll find the ultimate reward.  A Mayan Pyramid shaped mountain with a huge "bouncy" area at the top, that'll eject you far into the air followed by a crash into the lake below.  The other path contains a slide and diving platform.

Above to the right is what the kids called the "Kamikaze Slide", because each time they would slide down, they would somehow end up spinning around and crashing into the water head first!  When I swam out to it for the first time, it continued to grow taller as I got closer, and after climbing to the top I would be lying if I didn't say I had reservations before sliding down.  Thoughts of "You're too old to be doing this stuff" continued to echo in my mind, only to be overpowered by the kids (and a couple random strangers) chanting from below "Go, Go, GOOOO!" and of course at that point I realized that peer pressure knows no age limits as I shoved off and zoomed to the bottom, crashing into the lake like a scene from ridiculousness.

You catch some serious speed coming down and it's seriously just a lot of fun! Yes I rode it again and no, I wasn't scared (nervous possibly) but not scared.

Also attached to the side of the slide is a huge bag where one person lays down and the other jumps from the side of the slide and rockets the one laying into the air, catapult style!

Aqua Kids  Adventures!

Think the big course may be a little too intimidating for  the little ones in your family?  No problem!  Aqua Adventures also has a Wibit section just for kids in their own little pond.  

The layout is somewhat similar however the footprint is smaller, making it easier for the tot's to navigate.  Vegas was a little nervous at first, but after 2 minutes he was running around full speed, and even slipped in once.  He then realized that his life jacket would keep him safe, making all of his nervousness was just a distant thought.

There's a life guard on duty, and with the course only being a few feet from shore, we could all keep an eye on him while allowing him to play freely.

Extra Adventures!