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48 Hours In Middletown, Ohio


Let's start off with this tidbit of information for you to digest.  If one place produced NFL, NBA, MLB & PGA players/coaches/Hall Of Famers,  U.S. Representatives, A Tony award winner, An Olympic champion, Medal of Honor recipient, State Governor, State Senator, Civil War General, Actors, Authors and much more, you could say it would be a very special location right? Add to that the fact this location in question doesn't rank (population wise) in the "Top 15" within the state of Ohio and it stands out even more!

Enough with dancing around, the city in question is Middletown, Ohio!  Located between Cincinnati and Dayton, while smaller in comparison to its neighbors, this town has an identity of it's own and is in the "middle" of a rejuvenation that we were both surprised and privileged to experience.

Prior to our trip, I will be completely honest and tell you that we had no idea what to expect as we knew nothing about Middletown at all, but sometimes having no expectations is the best expectation to have.  However during our visit we stepped outside of the box and did things as a family that we generally wouldn't do, and from that we not only saw talents in our kids develop, but we also bonded as a family.  All thanks to Middletown.

Take some time to follow along for the next few weeks as we will continue to update information from our journey.  You'll definitely realize why you should seriously consider Middletown, Ohio for your next family getaway!

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