Indigo (Person) - "One who has come into this world destined to create change and spiritually awaken typical humanity / Freethinkers with profound insight into the human condition with an ability to see the truth clearly."

The above quote was taken from UrbanDictionary.com, a site that more times than not, is as inaccurate as Wikipedia so it goes without saying it's generally not a good site for source material.  But this quote actually fit perfectly!

Modern Living In A Classic Town


When visiting Middletown, Ohio just like any other city in the country, you'll find your typical branded chain lodging establishments providing you the comforts you're acclimated to from prior stays at their sister properties.  But Middletown's a city like no other, in the midst of a rebirth with a vibrant art community, classic and upscale eateries and a reinvigorated sense of pride, so why would you settle for something typical in a place so original?

Located downtown in the historic "Torchlight Pass" district you'll find the Indigo Pass Boutique Hotel, where rest & relaxation are the only options.

When you stay in a hotel there are things that you tend to expect like noise, people shuffling thru the halls at all hours of the night and the occasional misstep by housekeeping (half eaten pizza crusts under the bed anyone?).  This is where Hotel Indigo shines, small in room count (6) but large in terms of space in your suite, you really get to relax without the typical "distractions" experienced at other lodging establishments.

All  rooms come with a:

King Size Bed

Full Size Sleeper Futon

Flat Screen TV

H20 Kinetic Shower

Wifi Speakers & Sound Machine

Amazon Firestick

The Firestick is a nice addition as we barely get time at home to watch any of the 20 or so series that we've started, so it was nice to log into our Netflix account and finally play catch up.  I personally really loved the sound machine because I have a hard time sleeping without some kind of background noise, so I set it on "Waves" and had the best sleep i've experienced since falling asleep on the balcony overlooking the Gulf last summer.

The rooms are extremely comfortable with each having its own design creating a unique experience with each stay.  Void of any "corporate" feel, this place is 100% hometown pride and the small room count allows the innkeepers to provide the feel of a Bed & Breakfast with the independence of an AirBnB.

Location: Relaxation

The beauty in visiting a small town is having many points of interest typically centralized downtown and Middletown is no exception.  This is to your benefit when staying at Indigo as you'll find within the same building Gracie's.  A full service restaurant & bar and listen, i'm going to bypass all journalistic integrity and just be blunt, they serve some damn good food!  The London Broil surpassed any that i've tasted at high end establishments but for a lot less and the the bar serves an Old Fashioned that would make you think it originated here.  After a great meal you'll be glad your room is upstairs allowing you to crawl home with minimal embarrassment.

Also downstairs is the Haven Yoga Studio, where Indigo Pass is about relaxing your body, Haven does the same for your mind.  Lastly a conference center is available if you just aren't smart enough to leave your work at home.

At this point you may be wondering the relevance of the Urban Dictionary definition of "Indigo" in relation to the hotel, however after your stay, you may become the physical embodiment.

A Deal For You


Indigo Pass is more than just a place to lay your head, it's more like a place to reset your mind and body all while enjoying life at a simpler pace minus the day to day distractions.  Surrounded by shops, entertainment and culture, you'll also have additional benefit of parking your car and not moving it until it's time to go home (sadly). 

Be sure to check our "48 Hours In Middletown" trip report highlighting why you have to visit the area and click here to find out more about Gracie's!

Read more about Indigo Pass & make your reservations Here!

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