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The JUG!

First off, allow me to offer my apologies in advance as it may come off harsh, but I feel it's time I voice what many people are thinking....  Fast food these days sucks, like, seriously.

It's almost impossible for me to put a number on how many time's I've visited one of these glorified microwaves due to the kids being brainwashed by the nonstop commercials on TV and begging for it because of course, they need it to survive.

I am however a big fan of hometown greasy spoons, the places where they cook real food and won't charge you for an extra packet of sauce.  Where you don't feel like you got robbed after the bill arrives and unlike chain restaurants, the owners are likely to come out and have a conversation with you to make sure you're enjoying not just your food, but your day as well.

So it was of course a no brainer when we found out about The Jug being located right down the street from our home for the weekend, Cornerstone Manor.  With us being fans of these down home establishments, we were interested to see how it would stack up against other "spoons" (as with anything, there are some less than desirable ones around). 

Just a few years shy of it's 90th birthday, The Jug opened in 1932 and moved to it's current location in 1939.  Born in an era where you dined in your car and your food made it's way to you via a roller skating staff member, most of these types of restaurants have long since closed.  The only reminder of this time across the country is via Sonic, which only captures part of the full experience.

We visited The Jug not once, but three times in a 2 week span.  That says a lot about how much we enjoyed it.  Keep in mind, the latter 2 times we visited, we drove from home, which is roughly an hour and a half away.  So yes, the food is THAT good!

You have the option to eat at the counter, have a carhop take and deliver your order to your car (sans roller skates) or sit outside at one of the covered picnic tables.  We chose the latter and enjoyed watching the cars cruise by on the strip in full nostalgia mode if you will.

The Food!