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bavarian inn restaurant & Castle shops

frankenmuth, mi
Restaurant & Castle Shops

The Bavarian Inn Restaurant is located directly across the Cass River from the resort of the same name and in addition to the restaurant, also houses the Castle shops which is like a small bazaar with gift shops, a pretty big (and temping candy store), a wine shop, apparel store and a bakery that would make a person on the strictest of diets indulge.

The restaurant serves all sorts of favorites from here and abroad with their Bavarian spin on hamburgers, wienerschnitzel, beef and gravy and THOSE chicken dinners that made The Bavarian Inn famous worlds over!  Keeping with the Bavarian theme, the restaurant has an old world charm and warmth that remind you of yesteryear. 

Located on the lower level, you can smell the bakery well before descending the staircase and honestly a direction sign is not needed, as all you really need to do to find the source is follow the aroma.  I know this because that's exactly what happened when Munchie took off running, leaving us behind.  Once we caught up with her about 45 seconds later, she was waiting at the counter asking for a sample of her favorite, "Triple Chocolate Fudge" (heads up, they don't offer them, so save the embarrassment 🤣🤣).

From desserts to breads of all kinds, canned items, jellies, jams, sauces and pastries, your sure to find that unique item here.


pretzel rolling

Pretzel Rolling Class

(Press arrows to scroll or click picture to enlarge!)

Unanimously, the thing that the kids enjoyed most about The Bavarian Inn was the Pretzel Making class that we went to.  I never knew this was even a "thing" until I scrolled across the option on their website and at only $6.49 per person, it was well within our budget!

The class runs about 25 minutes during which time you will learn not only how to roll dough and create your own pretzel, but also the story behind why Pretzels are shaped the way they are and I will say, none of us had any idea of the very cool backstory to them (Do you know why the pretzel crosses in the center? Take the class and fill us in)!

Our course was lead by David, who kept things fun, the kids engaged and didn't mind taking "a" picture with them afterwards (sorry for the 30 retakes 😎)

When visiting Frankenmuth, this HAS to be a stop on your itinerary!  After class allow about 45 minutes for baking and don't forget the German mustard!  It is recommended to make reservations a day prior, which can be done by calling 989-652-9941



Unavoidable as it is the highest point on the building and immediately commands your attention as you arrive. The Glockenspiel is a beautiful piece of architecture standing 50 feet tall with an illuminated clock and figurines that "chase" each other around depicting the Pied Piper of Hameln.

The movement (and entertainment) happens 3 times a day at 3, 6 and 9 Pm respectively and is something for the family as I still recall watching this in awe 27+ years ago as a youngster and it still has the same effect on me as it did then.

photo ops

Photo Ops

As with any vacation, i'm sure you'll have you camera (phone) out looking to get the best picture or selfie to post to your favorite social media site and in Frankenmuth you don't have to look far! From the Glockenspiel to the exterior of The Bavarian Inn itself, the property is loaded with places to take great photos, but one that you absolutely can't miss is directly adjacent to the building.

Climb the small hill next to the parking lot and behold an unobstructed view of the beautiful Cass river with The Bavarian Inn Lodge as the backdrop.  There's a calming feeling about this spot as the sun seems to always hit it at just the right angle, making it hard to NOT take the perfect picture from here.  Say Cheese!

713 S Main St, Frankenmuth, MI 48734
(989) 652-9941 
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