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(One bigger car)

Welcome to our crazy, hectic, busy, insane, never ending, challenging but fun and loving world!  Having 6 kids (4 girls and 2 boys) limits our options when it comes to transportation.  Prior to the birth of Aria (number 6), our family vehicle was a Chrysler Town and Country Mini Van.  However after she arrived we needed something more suitable for our army and we knew a conversion van wouldn't work (after all its no longer 1984) and an SUV lacked the flexibility we needed in terms of space and cargo room so the options at that point went from slim to nonexistent..​

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Follow the "6 Kids Crew" as we visit some of the coolest IWP's around and show you all you need to know

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Because being a parent is a full time job! Look here for recommendations on what to do when the kids go to grandma's

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