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Build A Bear - Pay Your Age Event!

With the recent closing of all US based Toys R Us stores, One is left to wonder where will all the kids go to find their stuffed friends that they can carry around everywhere and comfort them as they drift off to LaLa Land?

Well Build-A-Bear workshop has come to the rescue just in time!

The magical workshop where you can bring to life the stuffed animal of your choice and dress him or her up in the swankiest outfits you can find has announced its first ever "Pay Your Age" Event!

For one day only, July 12, 2018, select any animal in the store and pay your age for that animal! You will need to be a Bonus Club Member, but the best part of that is MEMBERSHIP IS FREE!

Jurassic Park, Poke' Mon, My Little Pony, Star Wars, Shark Week (Munchie's favorite), Sports Teams, The Little Mermaid... Check, Check, Check! They are all here plus many, many more! You can build them all! Get out and do something fun with the family that won't put your finances in the RED!

Click the link below to sign up for the Bonus Club and read the FAQ's regarding this event!

This is a great deal and a blessing for families such as ours as a normal trip generally runs us a small fortune, so please believe we will be there!

Thank you Build-A-Bear Workshop!!

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