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Cedar Point Getaway Sale

So by now you should know a few things for certain about us...

☝️ We are cheap (or frugal to be "Politically Correct")

✌ We love Cedar Point 🎢 and

👌 We are cheap (put that there for emphasis 🤣)

Well I wanted to let y'all know the ✨ have aligned and now is the time to have some fun while being cheap 😁

If you have a season pass to CP, there's a limited time offer for a BOGO at Hotel Breakers! Seriously a crazy good deal that runs until the last weekend in October (the best month of the year next to December I may add)!

"But I don't have a season pass" you say.... WELL GET ONE😡! The Gold pass is on sale now for $119 and includes:

✅ Admission 

✅ Parking 

for the rest of the season AND all of 2021 PLUS

✅ Free unlimited admission to CP Shores Waterpark next year! Oh and

✅ 10% off most purchases in the park and resorts! 

We bought ours last year as it's really an unheard of deal! 

Don't feel like dropping $119 right now for the pass, well set it up on easy pay & still have access to all the above perks NOW! 


A couple of additional benefits of staying at Breakers is due to covid, only resort guests are allowed to park in the hotel lot which is a WIN for you because you'll enter the park via the resort gate which puts you next to Magnum and closer to Maverick and Steel Vengeance than the general public! So while your taking a short stroll to the big rides, everyone else is savagely fighting the 15 minute journey from the front if the park!

Boom advantage you!

You'll love the hotel and it's 3 pools, one regular, one kiddie area pool with 3 slides and other water attractions and a 3rd indoor pool which is clutch this time of year. Inside is a Friday's, Perkins and Tomo hibachi 🔥 restaurant while down the hall facing the beach is a Starbucks and the Surf lounge. Out back on the beautiful boardwalk are 3 huge gas firepits that make for perfect lounging spaces while taking a break from the park or winding down at night. Oh yea, and a 🏖 bar!

Check out our Cedar Point Instastories for some video from the hotel and boardwalk and STAY TUNED for a write up on what to expect at the park during these "New Normal" times, that will help you enjoy your trip even more!

Cedar Point also has several other beautiful resorts that are running their own specials! Learn more about them HERE

Even in a pandemic... Cedar Point is still #APlaceLikeNoOther !

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