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Shelter In (Another) Place

At this point, we've all been prisoners of our homes for the last couple of months & with Memorial Day fast approaching, haunting images of backyard BBQ's from years past, are starting to reappear on timelines.

Instead of succumbing to "Cabin Fever", we decided to take a quick "Shelter In (Another) Place" getaway.  One of our newly discovered and highly favored places to escape to is a home we call "The House Of Versailles Sandusky". Newly renovated with 5 huge bedrooms, a large entertainment room and beautiful (& fully supplied) ultra modern kitchen.  The backyard is spacious with 2 fire pits, yard games, gas grill, plenty of lounge space and a 7+ person Hot Tub.

We packed everything we needed, minimizing the need to leave the house and risk exposure.  It is a sin however to visit the area and not indulge in Toft's Ice Cream or some of the best BBQ in northern Ohio at Derricks Diner and thanks to "My Town To Go", we were able to order both using their contactless delivery service!

Have you considered going anywhere but are also worried about coming into contact with Covid?  Instead of letting this force you to let life slip by, we challenge you to use this time to think of unique ways you can still travel, but this time, safer than you may have before! Here are some tips to use when planning your own "Shelter In (Another) Place" Getaway BEFORE leaving home:

📝Plan what you'll need while your there to minimize having to leave once arriving

📝Find a location that provides you with everything you'll need on property

📝Find out if restaurants you like offer "contact-less" delivery

📝Fully gas your vehicles

📝Look for any open spaces like parks, that can provide you with a plan B if you decide to get out and explore

Find out more about our safe & relaxing getaway by clicking HERE

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