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Christmas In July - Put-In-Bay

Christmas In July Party!

Guess what's only 5 months away!!! Christmas!!! Yesssss! Yea I know your not ready yet and have no clue of what your going to buy that special group of people in your life, much less how your going to pay for it LOL! But relax for a minute and think of a Christmas where you didn't have to buy gifts! All you had to do is have a good time and enjoy yourself amongst friends and family.. yea seems like a dream right? That day will never happen you think... Well think again!

Christmas in July is amongst us the weekend of July 20th at Put In Bay!

Located a short ferry ride from Cedar Point or downtown Sandusky, Ohio via the Miller Boatline or Jet Express ,this weekend the islands transform to a nonstop party!

We do not condone drinking and driving, but drinking and peddling is highly encouraged when you hop aboard The PIB Rolling Pub !!! The island gets dressed up with all sorts of decorations and it's really a place to have fun! Rent some golf carts and explore the island and get away from the party for awhile, or stroll over to The Boathouse restaurant The Boat House PIB and have a cup of some of the best lobster bisque made outside of Maine.

This weekend will be the adult equivalent of Spring Break in Daytona in the 1990's! So if you were looking for something to do with your friends next weekend, I suggest you start making plans to head north now! Because everyone else has already reserved their room!

Who said Santa only drinks eggnog? Well if you didn't know, the big guy likes to cut loose and pour up the finest Tito's Vodka this side of the North Pole!

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