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Elf on the shelf

I'm sure your household is not immune to the antics of the Elf On The Shelf and ours is no different! Over the last couple of Christmases we've had the pleasure to be surprised by this little fella and it's become a tradition we look forward to with excitement. Take a look below at some of the crazy things we've experienced.

"A Letter From Santa"

One Saturday we were just sitting in the Kitchen debating over who would get to eat the last Dairy Queen Sundae when suddenly Scoop shouts "WAIT... I SAW THE ELF!!" Everyone looks in disbelief and watches her run to the fridge and start reading a letter that appeared on the screen that, come to find out, was from the man himself, Santa C. Clause!

Watch the Video above to see what happened next!

"The Night Of The Missing iPhone!"

So one morning Scoop wakes up and after about 5 minutes comes into my room asking if I had her iPhone. Now I don't know why she would think that I would want her phone, seeing that I have a far superior Android Note 9 but nonetheless I was questioned quite possibly longer than any prisoner at Guantanamo Bay ever was.

After telling her for what seemed like the 10th time to check "The Columbus Zoo" (aka her room), she finally did and found under a baby blanket, the Elf passed out next to her phone. Kind of puzzled, she turned her phone on and noticed that he actually had taken selfies with her phone and made the 6 Kids Crew some pretty unaware victims at the same time!

"The Hideout Exposed!"

Vegas strolled out into the hallway and immediately ran back in the room to grab our attention. Thinking initially he was asking for someone to get his toy from downstairs, I told him he would be fine going after it. After he insisted we come, we obliged, stepped into the hallway and saw our expensive 12 ply toilet paper fashioned into a rope, leading up to our attic access!

At the very top of the rope, almost into the attic was the ELF! Froze in motion as he realized he had been spotted! Vegas just stood in disbelief! Then shortly after he attempted to climb the "rope", which gave us all a laugh, well everyone aside from him of course. He now always just looks up at the entry at random times of year, i'm sure wondering if the ELF is going to come down.

Editors Note: The toilet paper was actually 4 ply, sorry for any "false acts of affluence"

"First Day Of Winter Break"

This one surprised all of us as the ELF showed that he isn't just full of mischief, but can be thoughtful too (Hey even Dennis The Menace had a soft spot for Mr. Wilson despite his constant terrorizing of him).

The kids came downstairs on the first day of Winter Break at 6 AM, which is strange that they voluntarily wake up early when they don't have to be up, but when they do, it's like pulling a tiger's tooth!

The elf had wrapped all of our cabinets and drawers in the kitchen in wrapping paper (I was not impressed as this is his second time showing that he has no regard for money) & has also created a little village using tinsel, snow and the kids houses they made one saturday during Home Depot's kids workshops! He even left them a note and bought (I assume) them new Mug's with a packet of coco in each. Smooth move little dude.

Not to totally go all sensitive on us, he left a special note sprayed on our back door that read.... well, see for yourself 😂😂😁🤦‍

The kids were smart and figured they finally would be able to catch him in action and ran to the alar, system to see if our video cameras caught him, but once again he was smart. He covered our video camera in the kitchen with Chipmunk's purple glove!

As always, Munchie goes out of her way to show her appreciation for the fun the little dude brings with him!

Each day brings a new adventure with the ELF and the 6 Kids Crew! If haven't experienced the extra fun this adds to the season, we highly encourage you to "invite" him into your home this year! Be sure to follow us on Instagram for all of his latest activities and also drop us a comment below!!

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