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IWT: Zehnders Splash Village!

The Indoor Waterpark Tour keeps on Tankin! This time pulling up to Zehnders Splash Village Hotel and Waterpark Resort!

Find out why in addition to several other awards, Splash Village ranked as "One of the Best Waterparks In The WORLD!" and if the 6 Kids Crew felt it lived up to the hype. Take a few moments to read our review and watch the accompanying video. While your at it do us a huge favor, after reading, drop a comment at the bottom of the review and let us know what YOU think!

As always stay tuned to for the next stop on our Indoor Waterpark Tour!

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Brandy Spears
Brandy Spears
Feb 19, 2019

Man, as I go scroll through this site, and see those little beautiful,smiling faces enjoying life it makes my heart smile! ❤ This website is so informative, and have awesome deals for EVERYONE in your family! Rather you want to have a Family night or a Date night...

This is the place to go see what great deals/events are currently going on!!! Great Job 6kids1tank for keeping us all updated!!! Thanks to 6kids1tank, My family and I have just booked our 1st indoor waterpark getaway, you all make it look waaayy to fun!! Lol - @castawaybay Here we come!!!! Thanks 6kids1tank for giving such a Great review on Castaway Bay!!!

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