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Updated: Sep 29, 2018

You know the joys of the holiday season, meeting with family you may not have seen all year,  reminiscing, cracking jokes and telling thoroughly embellished stories from years past.  A time when the stress of the prior months dissipates and you start to wonder how you'll pay for those gifts your probably too far in the red to purchase, but you'll make happen somehow... ahh yes the holidays!

Well the gateway to this season is Thanksgiving and this year for the first time we will be hosting at our abode, family from all over the state!

This will also be the first time many of them have seen the 6 Kids home and well with that you know we want to freshen up the place a bit.  We finally have the motive to purchase some things we've been wanting but may have put off ( several times over 😎).

A little backstory on our house, built in 1999, we purchased it from it's original owner in 2014 and made a few upgrades thus far. Converted the basement bedroom into a mancave / home theater, painted rooms & removed the builders laminate flooring (yuck).

So here we are, roughly 2.5 month's out and embarking on "Operation: Thanksgiving". Follow us as we spruce up our house and make some cosmetic changes, hopefully before the Turkey comes out the oven.

New appliances, paint, flooring, Man Cave updates and unfortunately, much more!

Follow us on our journey to transform "This old house" into the place to be on Thanksgiving Day!

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