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Proud Parent Moment

6Kids1Tank.Com was started with 4 goals in mind:1. To show you all cool places to go that you may have never known about or show you different ways to enjoy the places you love while saving you money (because of course if we can afford to do it with 7/9ths of a baseball team or as my guy Kyle from Hoggys BBQ calls it "A focus group😂🤣😁 , you DEFINITELY can) 2. Give the kids something they can be proud of and happy to be involved with 3. Gain thousands of supporters (followers just seems kind of impersonal) and a ton of comments 4. Make our kids smile..

As of this posting we have accomplished 3 out of 4 objectives, the missed one of course is the thousands of supporters, even though I like to think you're out there just probably tired of commenting and hitting the heart (I understand it's tedious LOL, but thanks a million to the ones that do!). But the fact that we've hit 3 of our goals is BIG! AND today we really hit the 2nd and 4th ones BIG! This past summer we were invited to @VistMiddletownOhio and check out what they had to offer. We had no clue of what to expect but upon arrival we found out this was a place like no other. There was soooo much to do, we were honestly surprised at how diverse the fun was and thru it all, we bonded as a family and left with new plans of how we could spend better quality time together.

Well in my email today I recieved a mail blast from their visitors bureau with the new welcome guide and listen, I had no idea what I was about to look at!

2020 Visit Middletown Visitors Guide
2020 Visit Middletown Visitors Guide

The very first image I see is MY BABY GIRLS ON THE COVER OF THE 2020 VISITORS GUIDE!!!! Listen, this was beyond a proud father moment, like light years beyond and I couldn't contain myself LOL. As I continue to flip thru it they were in 2 other shots too! I jumped up and showed my coworkers, interrupting several of them as they were working and shoving my phone in their faces like a kid with a new toy.  I even interrupted @MrsMixon31 in the middle of her meeting the same way Kayne did Taylor Swift to tell her we made it lol! (Side note, I am in no way shape or form condoning KanCray'Z antics but you get the drift).  When I got home and showed the kids they went nuts with Chipmunk and Munchie talking about how they would set up a booth in the summer out front and sign autographs for their friends and probably have a parade with floats LOL!

I want to really, really, really thank the great people of Middletown for not only the hospitality, but for this gesture they didn't have to do for us because we are by no way shape or form the biggest bloggers with the most hits or sponsorships or any of that (mainly because our supporters be tired I understand LOL), but they still gave us this great opportunity and I don't think they realized just how important these things are to everyday people like us. You should see how great Middletown is for yourself and hit the link in our bio and stay tuned because we have a lot more to tell you real soon about them and why you NEED to be there! Not to mention they are home to a CANDY BUFFET!! (I told you we went this past summer and STILL have stuff to show you that we haven't, that's how you know there's a lot of fun to be had!)

Take a moment to see the full travel guide Here and find out more about Middletown. After that swing on over and check out our "48 Hours In Middletown" Trip Report!

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