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Sunday Eats In Sandusky

After a waterlogged weekend at Castaway Bay Indoor Waterpark in Sandusky, Ohio, we needed some grub before making the trek back to Columbus and decided to stop at the hard to miss Thirsty Pony.

Pizza, Wings, Sports and fun all in one place! This restaraunt is part of a massive entertainment complex that includes Cedar Lanes Bowling Alley, Laser Tag, Rain Indoor Waterpark, Cedar Downs Horse Racing and Quality Inns and suites. There is literally something for everyone in the family here and while very tempting, we decided to strickly stay for the food.

One of the largest menus we have come across!

A very festive atmosphere with over 20 Tv's around, the kids attention was definatively had while we waited for our food. Mj and Scoop chose a large half Peperoni half Chicken pizza, Chips ordered Mac and Cheese, Munchie wanted Chicken Tenders, Mom went for a large Pepperoni Pizza and I opted for an order of Famous Frickers Wings!


Most actual Frickers Restaraunts offer kids meals for free with the purchase of an adult entree however the Thirsty Pony no longer has this option and each Kids Meal is kinda pricey at $7.95 (probably the highest i've encountered), but on the positive side, all Large Pizza's with upto 3 toppings are $9.99!

The kids loved the Pizza with just the right balance of cheese and toppings with just enough grease to make it a legit pie. Scoop said its the best she's ever had and Chipmunk didnt believe her, so she snatched a piece while she wasnt looking.

Yes.... I brought my own Monster

My wings on the otherhand were probably the greasiest that i've ever had and tasted nothing like the wings served at true Frickers establishments. While not HORRIBLE, there tended to be a battle tastewise between the grease soaked into the breading and the sauce used. These may have tasted better if I didn't go in with the expectation that I was eating true Frickers wings.

No complaints here

Overall the kids were happy and we ended up with enough leftovers between the Pizza and Mac and Cheese to have Dinner later on without cooking!

If you stop by, make sure to text "THIRSTY" to 57711 and save 15% off your bill! Sadly, we didn't see this until AFTER paying the bill. The damage? 2 Large Pizza's, 10 Wings, 4 Drinks, 1 Kids Meal, 1 Side of Fries and 1 Mac and Cheese: $58.94... The only justification I have is that we will now make 2 meals out of this.

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