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surprise birthday brunch @ the barn

Charisse's Birthday was a week ago on the 25th, but due to our numerous sports engagements, we weren't able to celebrate it with everyone so I devised a plan!

Knowing that the next weekend would be a rare one where we had absolutely nothing to do (by nothing I mean only 1 Basketball game and 2 other birthday parties), I decided to call some friends up and see if we could pull off a surprise she wouldn't be expecting. For weeks we've been talking about trying to find time to revisit The Barn @ Rocky Fork" restaurant for their Brunch Buffet (read more about it here) so I figured this would provide the perfect cover!

I gave them a call and 2 minutes later everything was set! They made it super easy and even set up a fake reservation for only 2 so that when we arrived they wouldn't say anything that would arouse suspicion! How did it turn out? Just watch....

Everything went off perfect! It was a real relaxed environment and they even gave us a table for 20 out on the enclosed patio which was clutch as the ole lady loves sitting outside, which made this occasion that much more special!

The next time you're looking for a venue to host your event rather large or small, you should definitely give The Barn a call! The waitstaff are all super friendly and attentive, doing everything possible to give you one less thing to worry about. We are currently 2 for 2 in regards to having an excellent experience here and even though im confident that anyone that serves your table will be great, I highly recommend asking for Mike. He waited on us during our first visit a few months ago and the luck of the draw seated us in his section again. What I found really cool is that he remembered everything about our order prior, what we prefer an even asked for updates on things we spoke about before, showing how attentive to detail everyone here is which in my book is the hallmark of a great establishment. I call it the "Cheers" effect, everyone knows your name!

A sincere thanks to everyone that helped make Charisse's birthday more than just another day, Rather you attended, called, texted or just prayed, We appreciate you!

(Pictured L-R: Guy & Nat, Preston & SJ, Brandi & Nic, The Birthday Girl, Chipmunk & Some lumberjack, Ryan, Carese & Vernell. Not Pictured: Connor and Marcia as we took too long to take this photo 🤣)

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