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Updates Galore!

Ok you've slept long enough! We have a TON of updates for you to check out right now!

Most of the world knows Sandusky, Ohio due to a small amusement park by the name of Cedar Point, but you may not have been aware of this. Thanks to a local entrepreneur, you can now exercise your inner "Paul Blart" and take a guided 1 or 2 hour Segway Tour and take in all the local sights of Sandusky! Also for those that want to experience Cedar Point in a different manner, you can also take a tour along the CP Boardwalk while learning about the historical significance of the peninsula and viewing parts of the park you may have been unaware of. Read all about it Here!


We recently traveled to a small town that's big on hospitality and in the middle of a rebirth named Middetown, Ohio. Located between Dayton and Cincinnati, this gem has been criminally overlooked due to being dwarfed in size by its neighbors, but has an identity all its own and we quickly realized this upon visiting. With more than enough activities to entertain a family as large as ours, it has since become a common topic in our house when looking for things to do. Home to great restaurants, parks, arts and a waterpark that even surprised us (which says a whole lot considering the number of waterparks we frequent). You will want to stay tuned to our ever growing section devoted to our "48 Hours In Middletown", as you will definitely find more than enough reasons why your next getaway should be here. Check it out now!


Follow us LIVE from "The World's Most Beautiful Beaches!" as we will be on vacation August 10th-17th in Panama City Beach, Florida. If you aren't already, follow us on Instagram HERE and Facebook HERE as we will be posting in our "Instastories" (those round circles on our profile) all the cool stuff the crew gets into. There will be a big update to our PCB Trip Report section to follow. This is a special town to us as our family has roots here going back to the mid 80's, so you know we will be able to show you all the places to go that locals and tourist alike enjoy. Sadly, the town was hit by a hurricane a few months back, but in true spirit, they're coming back better than ever, so be sure to tune in!

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