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Erie Pennsylvania


For well over a decade to myself the word "Erie" was synonymous with 3 things:

  • My favorite Amusement Park since forever, Cedar Point (Which sits on Lake Erie)

  • A short lived TV show I loved as a kid, "Eerie Indiana" (Showing my age here)

  • The exit I always stop at for gas and Quaker Steak wings when heading to Niagara Falls aka "The Gateway To The North Pole" because it seems like during the wintertime a wall of snow magically appears immediately after the exit and engulfs you for as far eastbound as your willing to drive.


So when we were invited to visit Erie we were anxious, curious, partially confused but overall excited!  What would we do? Is there actually more there than a few gas stations and Quaker Steak? How much snow will await us?  The list went on!

As I sat down and started my research on our forthcoming adventure, Scoop ran into the room "DAD LOOK LOOK LOOK! THEY HAVE A WATERPARK! AND A PLACE THAT SELLS CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON!" Glancing at her phone I was surprised that in fact they did!  Unbeknownst to us, this would go on to be the theme of our trip to Erie, Surprised. Take a moment to look over some of our experiences in Erie below and continue to check back as we have several others that we will upload in the coming weeks!

For additional information and to plan your trip to Erie, checkout or download the official "Hello Erie"App right HERE!

**6 Kids worth of disclosure: Our hotel stay and waterpark passes were provided free of charge by Visit Erie in exchange for us sharing our experiences with you! All meals and other adventures were paid at our own expense.  Background photo courtesy of**


Stay tuned as that's not all! We will continue to upload new adventures from Erie PA soon!

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