Our Visit To The

Lake Erie Shores & Islands

This past March the “6 Kids Crew” were invited by the team @ Lake Erie Shores & Islands to visit the region and possibly reshape what we thought we knew about the area.

To quickly bring you up to speed, we are a family of 8 (or 9 as of 5/22/19), with 2 boys (Mj 15 & Vegas 3) and 4 girls (Scoop 10, Munchie 8, Chipmunk 6 & Sydney 2).

Ohio natives & frequent visitors of the area since Reagan was in office, we’ve made countless trips to “The AMAZEment Park” Cedar Point and Put-In- Bay during the warmer months, followed by Winter getaways to one of several Indoor Waterparks (The area boasts 3-5 at any given time & at its peak, was the 2nd Indoor Waterpark Capital of the World), we weren’t strangers to the 419 area code (or were we?).

Please browse thru the various selections below and read up on our experiences!


Our weekend getaway totally dispelled the popular myth that all the region has to offer is Roller Coasters & Waterparks. Sure the area has become world renown thanks to Lift Hills & Zero G Rolls, but there’s just so much more to enjoy here.  Rather Winter or Summer, the area is ripe with fun, entertaining and informative things to do!


As we rode home with RT. 2 leading us away, the kids were in the back looking through a stack of travel brochures and debating on where we would visit upon our return trip, and from what we’ve learned, we’ve only started to crest the lift hill!

If you have any questions or would like additional suggestions, ask away!  Stay tuned to this section as we will continue to add new reviews & a special getaway for Mom & Dad!


Also for help with trip planning or other specific information about the area, don't hesitate to contact the awesome staff at "Lake Erie Shores & Islands" HERE!

**Please note: Our accommodations and some of the visited attractions were provided in exchange for our honest opinions."

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